We provide a satisfaction guarantee on all recovery services.
"No Data, No Charge”
(Emergency evaluation fee excluded.)
DataRecoveryASAP.com "Standard Recovery Service" provides a free evaluation and price estimate on all types of drives.  Turn around time for most evaluations are completed within 2 business days of receipt of media (sooner if possible). The evaluation will enable DataRecoveryASAP.com to provide our customers an accurate estimate for the time and cost of our recovery services.

Standard Recovery Services:
No Charge evaluation for data analysis of your media and to provide our recovery price estimate.
Upon your approval your job will be assigned and placed in queue with other projects and will be worked on in the order it was received.  Estimated Completion Time : 2 - 7 business days* after we receive your media.  We will attempt to finish sooner if possible.  Recovery services performed 9am - 6pm M-F

  Emergency Recovery Services:
In some instances customers need their data recovered ASAP!, for these situations we provide emergency service.
We will immediately analyze your media and provide our recovery price estimate.  These jobs require a $249 nonrefundable evaluation fee.  We will start performing data recovery services within 90 minutes of obtaining your media.  We will work on your data recovery job evenings, weekends, after hours and holidays until finished*.

* There are instances which require ordering parts and may lengthen our recovery time.