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Instructions for Mailing Media for Data Recovery
1) Complete the online form below.
2) Print this form prior to submitting form to us.
3) Click the "Submit Form" button to send us a copy.
4) We will then contact you with a Shipment Authorization # (SA#).
5) Sign and date your printed form, with your SA# and insert it with your drive for shipment to us.
6) Please follow our shipping instructions at bottom of page.
7) Drives mailed to us without an SA# or submission form will delay your data recovery.
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Terms, Conditions and Authorization
Client processing this form is the legal owner or has a legitimate right to act on behalf of the media owner to authorize a data recovery on media being provided to *  
Client agrees to pay in full upon successful completion of services rendered by, prior to release of data (whether shipped or picked up)  Alternate payment arrangements may be made prior to recovery.  All shipping charges are the responsibility of the customer regardless if the data is recovered or not. *  
Client authorizes the employees and agents of, to perform data recovery processes required to recover data from this media and or equipment. * assumes no liability for any claims regarding the physical functioning of media and or equipment nor the condition or existence of data on storage media supplied before, during or after our service. * shall not be responsible if the media warranty is voided due to any action we take performing our services. *  
Any property left with unclaimed for 30 days, will be disposed. *  

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Shipping Instructions:

1) Wrap media in anti-static bubble wrap.
2) Place media in a box that is twice the size of the media with packing peanuts and or bubble wrap.

3) Include a copy of your signed authorization form along with your SA#
4) Seal box securely and send via a carrier that will provide proof of delivery. 
(Fed Ex, UPS, Airborne, US Priority Mail, DHL)
5) If you would like original media sent back to you please enclose a check to for $20.00.




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